Week 1 Commitments

Let’s get cracking.

This is what I will achieve this week: Monday Feb 15 -> Sunday Feb 21 2021.

If you love me, lambast me and threaten never to speak to me again if I haven’t done the below.

In decreasing priority order:

  1. 🎓Complete Build a Blockchain & Cryptocurrency using Python Udemy Course + discussions with my brother Octave who is also going through parts of it (20 points)
    1. Stretch: finish the 📗Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies Princeton Textbook (~2h left) + write up highlights (4 points)
  2. 📗Read Venture Deals, by Brad Feld & Jason Mendelson + discussions with my friend Helene who is also reading it (8 points)
  3. 📗Write up highlights from No Rules Rules: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention by Reed Hastings (2 points)

Total points up for grabs (which approximates to hours needed): 34

Note: curriculum is here and being checked off each week, it’s the best place for an overall view of completion.


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