My opinionated “MBA” for the 21st century

  • Including frontier technologies and themes which I believe will have an outsized impact on our century. I want to have a baseline understanding in them (and ideally some hands-on experience) even though they aren’t traditional MBA topics
  • Lower on business theory than a traditional MBA (strategy, leadership, organisational design, marketing, economics), based on my views and prior experience
  • Room for electives which I’ve chosen based on personal interests
  • Learning in public to be accountable, crystalize learnings by writing, and potentially benefitting you, Dear Reader.

Finance & Accounting


Strategy, Operations, Leadership















Recent recommendations I need to add or discard:

  • Gaining an understanding of where we are with Quantum computing and the implications
    • Including Qiskit from IBM to play around
  • Andrew Ng’s deep learning specialisation

Gettin’ it done

I won’t have a prof, university administration, or $100k sunk cost whipping me into shape, so will rely on you, dear Reader, to keep me accountable!

If I average 25 hours per week focused on this starting from mid-Feb, I should be done around the end of June. I could do more than 25 but there are other projects I want to work on (developing a few product ideas, helping friends with their businesses, investing, etc.)

I’ll publish my goals and progress, and some of my learnings through blog posts.

I’d also love to have people join me for some courses/readings… ๐Ÿ™‚

Follow along:

Thanks for reading, I appreciate any feedback.

I’ll leave you with a meme that’s dear to my heart: