Highlights: How Everything Can Collapse by Servigne & Stevens

Summary Part 1: The Harbingers of CollapseTo maintain itself and avoid financial disorder / social unrest, our industrial civilisation is forced to accelerate. It needs to grow to get more energy, and it needs more energy to grow. The era of cheap & abundent fossil fuel is coming to an end.Increasingly complex civilisation, more interconnected, … Continue reading Highlights: How Everything Can Collapse by Servigne & Stevens

Highlights: Superforecasting by Phil Tetlock

From the book cover: In a landmark, twenty-year study, Wharton professor Philip Tetlock showed that the average expert was only slightly better at predicting the future than a layperson using random guesswork. Tetlock's latest project – an unprecedented, government-funded forecasting tournament involving over a million individual predictions – has since shown that there are, however, … Continue reading Highlights: Superforecasting by Phil Tetlock