Weeks 6 & 7 Commitments

Scorecard for last week

✅ Donezo. Again this ended up taking more time than I thought. Lots of rewatching to understand things I didn’t get first time around and write up learnings. Think it’s worth it though.

Posted a Tweetstorm with the things that shook me the most in the course and did a bit of hyping. 5k hits so far, sadly only about 5% click through to open the thread though!

I’ll give myself the 5 points for effort here.

✅ I read this, it was ok but nothing mindblowing so I won’t be take the time to summarise and publish notes. It’s basically a history of the impact investing / ESG / mission-focused venture movements, with a bunch of profiles of people & firms.

8 points

Total: 12 / 17 points (1 point deduction for lateness, it is Wednesday after all 😅)

Weeks 6 & 7

I’m switching themes to biology / biotech.

  • 📗 The Code Breakerby Walter Isaacson (about Jennifer Doudna & CRISPR)
    • Read & publish notes. Started reading this and it’s already awesome. Man can Isaacson write.
    • 12 points
  • 🎓MIT’s Introduction to Biology course covering “fundamental principles of biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology, and cell biology”
    • This is a super long course, but it seems to be the most comprehensive for getting the bases, and it’s got a great reputation (a bit like Harvard’s CS50), taught by a legend of the field
    • Spend 20 hours on it. 20 points

Up for grabs: 32 points.

The coronavirus plague will hasten our transition to the third great innovation revolution of modern times. These revolutions arose from the discovery, beginning just over a century ago, of the three fundamental kernels of our existence: the atom, the bit and the gene.Isaacson

Let’s find out what this revolution is all about then shall we 🧐

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