Week 3 Commitments

Week 2 esta terminado.

Here’s what I had set out to do and rough scorecard:

  1. ✅Write up highlights from No Rules Rules: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention by Reed Hastings (2 points)
    1. Writeup
    2. 2/2
  2. ✅🎓Ethereum learning. Go through all of ethhub.io, district0x’s “Understanding Ethereum”, and the ETH 2 upgrade page and write up notes. (15 points)
    1. Writeup
    2. 15/15
  3. 🥴 Progress on setting up a validator node for the ETH 2.0 network. Working on this with my brother ♥. Gotta do this carefully so many not get to completion by the end of this week, but I commit to spending 10 hours on it. (10 points)
    1. Spent about 5 hours on this. We are syncing our node but unsure how to check progress and understand if we need to up the hardware. Blocked on community responses.
    2. 5/10

Score: 22/25

Despite broadly doing what I set to do, the week didn’t feel great. I probably made a mistake not following a course on Ethereum (I did discover an OK one on Sunday…) would have helped me focus and better track progress. I got distracted, for instance spending all of Tuesday writing a post on Crypto’s Environmental Cost, and spending too much time on the Twitter fallout.

I also spent some time on crypto investments, rebalancing, doing my first options trade and short (Cardano) which was pretty interesting. 🤞

Week 3 Commitments

Time to switch onto a new theme: sustainability.

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