Podcasts I Listen To

Snapshot from my Podhero profile

I love podcasts.

I want to see what my friends and Twitter friends listen to, so I listen to podcasts on players that are making an effort on social features.

To date that has been Breaker and Podhero:

  • Breaker is more established, so has more people on it and better recommendations. However it has quite shocking performance/stability (which I’ve written to them about…) so as a backup I use Podhero.
  • Podhero are newer so fewer of my friends are on it. But their app is very stable and they enable you to support shows financially (they divide a monthly pool of money you assign to all the shows you listen to).

My Breaker profile: https://www.breaker.audio/u/ErnOpp

My Podhero profile: https://podhero.com/ernestoppetit

Using these you can see what I’m listening to and recommending. Join me so I can see what you’re enjoying

A few standouts

A few standout shows that I have listened to consistently for a while, and always recommend.


  1. Invest Like The Best. I’ve found Patrick O’Shaughnessy to be a brilliant interviewer able to question both the long term vision and dive into the details with the operators he brings on (eg Daniel Ek, Tobi Lutke, Jeff Lawson, Systrom & Kruger). He also has a great roster of analysts/VCs/investors he brings on (Ben Thompson, Matt Ball, Gavin Baker). He lets them talk.
  2. Techmeme Ride Home. Quick yet nuanced tech news summary. In the Techmeme tradition, Brian McCullough covers different angles to a story coming from different publications, and also brings in good takes from Twitter. I typically read techmeme every day but if I don’t have time often catchup with this podcast.
  3. a16z podcast. They are great at covering a recent “buzz” topic (eg GPT3, or CRISPR) and explaining where we really are with it, bringing on portfolio company operators and their deal partners.
  4. Generation Do It Yourself (🇫🇷). The interviewing style is a bit annoying, not the most clued in/nuanced, but they get the big names of the French Tech ecosystems on so worth it for that reason. Keen to hear of other similar FR podcasts if you know of any 🙏
  5. All in Podcast. They’re not everyone’s cup of tea but there’s no denying that Chamath, Jason Calacanis, David Sacks and David Friedberg have achieved great things and they’re all hustlers. I find you can’t really ignore them, and you can tell from listening to them that they are clued in. The format is fun as it really does feel like a few friends chatting over beers rather than a scripted interview.
  6. Artificial Intelligence Podcast. When he has someone I am interested in on the pod, Lex Friedman is great because he goes super in depth (interviews go on for hours) and he doesn’t shy away from tough & very detailed questions, even when it gets awkward. Loved his interview with George Hotz for example.


  1. My Climate Journey. As someone also discovering the climate problems I’ve really enjoyed following Jason Jacobs on his path. It’s nice to have someone coming at it fresh and asking good questions. He has a super wide range of guests.


  1. Conversations with Tyler. The depth Tyler Cowan manages to get into in short conversations is pretty amazing, often because he already has a great grasp of the subject, and because he’s not afraid to grill people “this is the interview I want to have, not the interview you want to have”
  2. EconTalk. The few that I have listened to have been great. Similar to Invest Like The Best, broad questioning. Only show that Nassim Taleb goes onto.
  3. 80,000 Hours Podcast. 80,000 Hours are a great organisation and it’s nice to have smart interviews that focus on the long term societal impact of things.
  4. Desert Island Discs. Classic format and gets some good stories and introspection out from fascinating people.
  5. Plus Pres de Toi (🇫🇷). It’s over, sadly, but worth going back for the back catalogue. Edouard Baer la legende.

Recommendations welcome

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