My first podcast appearance (on Product Squad)

I spoke with my friend and ex-colleague Axel Sooriah on his podcast Product Squad.

I listen to a sh*t ton of podcasts (around 4 hours per week), so it was fun to be a guest on one for the first time.

We did the recording over Zoom a couple of months ago, then Axel worked his magic editing away my “ehmms” and “aahs” and the final result was published yesterday.

I think the end output turned out pretty well, but one thing I wish I’d done differently (and you may want to bear in mind if you’re going on a podcast at some point) is to take a few seconds to think about your answer before starting to answer. The whole thing will be edited anyway, just think about how you want to structure it and it’ll all sound smoother. Of course this doesn’t apply to live shows (a la Joe Rogan) but most podcasts are edited.

Here’s the end product:

Coming to a hip playlist near you

As you can see, it’s in French – Axel is building a French-speaking product management community…

We talked about:

  • How I got into product, what made me realise I wanted to do that instead of being an engineer
  • How it felt in product at a company that’s scaling very (too) fast
  • How I got into Improbable and decided it was right for me
  • Some lessons from PMing a very technically complex product (bringing engineers into the discovery process)
  • Some lessons on communicating feature maturities for a B2B product

Bonne ecoute les amis!

PS: Until next time I can talk about the same on a podcast in English, my PM resources & Career Advice pages are actually probably more complete and actionable 🙂

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