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Climate Pragmatists

People, organisations, companies, that are pragmatically helping us understand and tackle climate change.

This is roughly in decreasing order of usefulness for me. Please suggest others in the comments!

An Ecomodernist Manifesto

I wish I'd started there. Incredibly pragmatic and well written. I then came across a lot of the authors later during my research.

My Climate Journey

Jason Jacobs, a smart and articulate guy who previously founded Runkeeper, interviews the Who's Who of climate change pragmatists. He's new to the field so asking great questions for us all to learn with him.

Project Drawdown

100 solutions to reverse Global Warming - this is a great introductory talk to their work.

Climate Interactive's En-ROADS tool

Enables very quickly playing with different scenarios.

Here's my (strawman) proposed scenario

The Breakthrough Institute

Environmental Progress

Lots of useful stats making the case for nuclear, and what public perception is like currently.

A Bright Future: How Some Countries Have Solved Climate Change and the Rest Can Follow

Amazon link

My Kindle Highlights of this book

Whole Earth Discipline, by Stewart Brand

Excellent book from one of the fathers of “ecopragmatism”

Amazon link

Project Wren

Awesome tool for offsetting based on your specific lifestyle.


You search the web, we plant trees

To research

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