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We Need to Start Celebrating our Progress on Climate Change

Climate change news coverage is predominantly doom & gloom and finger-pointing. Real progress towards decarbonisation is being made: we need to widely share and celebrate it! This will create positive reinforcement and help us shift the debate from fear, confusion, and apathy to understanding, possibility, and action. “They didn’t know it was impossible, so they […]

PM Resources

Here are the resources/readings/inspirations which have had the biggest impact on me roughly in decreasing quality. I’ll keep updating it as I discover new ones – please don’t hesitate to let me know your thoughts/suggestions in the comments! Reminder: Experience is King Product management is a messy process with all the biases, emotions, and hidden […]

Autonomous Vehicles and the End of Privacy

Everything, everywhere, will soon be continuously recorded and uploaded to the internet. This will start with dense, urban areas, but over time every single square meter of every part of the globe will be recorded. Advances in computer vision & AI mean this data will be usable at scale, which will revolutionise advertising, law enforcement, […]