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About this Site

My personal website built using the hipster static site generation framework Hugo.


  • Create a place I own on the internet to say a bit about me and publish things completely on my terms. In contrast: any proprietary platform you publish on can shut down, lock me out of an account, change the business model, develop an awful, constraining UX, etc.
  • Dive back a bit into web development and have a place to experiment
  • Keep it streamlined, minimal, fast.

A few thoughts thus far

  • Hugo really seems like a great framework: easy to get started and extremely flexible once you pop the hood. Big community contributing 1000s (!) of themes
  • I took inspiration from a Hugo theme called Cocoa to get started, but quickly veered off into CSS Hell making my own.
  • I deploy for free on Netlify which has been great

Other blogs I like / took inspiration from

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